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Baking with love, makes it delicious.

The history of bread baking and the later associated arts of confectionaries is an age old technique going back thousand of years, developed as it passed through the ages. Every generation, every race, nation immaterial of caste creed or colour has developed their individual and specific styles of baking the seed-based crops to different delicacies. Baking has developed into an artform a specialized and separate branch of the culinary world. It has been developed from its age-old recipes to accommodate modern tastes and techniques and today stands as a popular and indispensable part of a person’s daily life, no matter the location, it is simply said a staple in every person’s life in one form or the other.

“The Bakehouse”, was conceived with this philosophy in mind to deliver different types of bread and confectionary items to the habitants of Dhaka, with specialization towards the European style of bread making styles.

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  • Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Baridhara DOHS : No Delivery charge for order minimum 1000/-
    Less than 1000/- delivery charge 100/-
  • Basundhara, Niketon, Banani DOHS,Mohakhali DOHS : Delivery charge 150/- for order minimum 1500/-Less than 1500/- no delivery.
  • Rampura, Banasree, Dhanmondi: Delivery charge 200/- for order minimum 2000/-Less than 2000/- no delivery.

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Baked fresh everyday with TLC, with menus covering the popular European and


We also produce delightful puff, pies and sweet tarts for the more
romantic consumer.

Sweet Treats

The bakery intends to introduce its own signature style sweet treats and
cookies, such as cinnamon rolls, butterfly pastry, biscotti treats, triple choco-chip


The bake house also is ready to cater to large scale home/ office deliveries for
any and all festivals and parties as per our menu permits.


We already opened a coffee shop " The Bakehouse Coffee, "adjacent to our bakery in lieu with one of the more popular brands of the city to complement our bakery products.

Mass supply

The company intends to acquire large scale regular supplies with any
organization, to provide daily requirements as may be needed.

Our latest bakery products

Check some of our best products and feel the great passion for food


Beef Patties

Beef Patties

৳  150/pc

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie

৳  180/pc

Meat Ball Sandwich With French Bread

Meat Ball Sandwich With French Bread

৳  380/pc

Scrambled Egg Bacon Bits Bagel Sandwich

Scrambled Egg Bacon Bits Bagel Sandwich

৳  250/pc

Tuna Fish Croissant Sandwich

Tuna Fish Croissant Sandwich

৳  350/pc

Vegetarian Double Cheese Bagel Sandwich

Vegetarian Double Cheese Bagel Sandwich

৳  250/pc

Ramadan Package


Chocolate Tart

The filling is a bitter sweet filling of dark chocolate.

৳  365/pc

Lemon Tart

This classic French lemon tart is the quintessential French tart, found at patisseries and cafes year-round. Cool, sharp lemon filling contrasts nicely with the flaky, slightly sweet pastry. A little dollop of Chantilly cream served with the dessert makes the ideal treat.

৳  180/pc

Banoffee pie

Full Cake - 1620 tk

৳  180/pc

Coconut cake

Full Cake - 1800 tk

৳  180/pc

Vanilla Sheek Cake

Full Cake - 3000 tk

৳  300/pc

Chocolate Cake

Full 1800 tk

৳  180/pc

Chocolate Almond Genoise Cake

Full Cake - 3200 tk

৳  320/pc

Date Cake

Full Cake - 660 tk

৳  60/pc

Bluberry Cheese Cake

Full Cake - 2360 tk

৳  295/pc

Chicken Patties

Chicken Patties

৳  150/pc

Orange Cake

Full Cake - 1600 tk

৳  200/pc

Hot Coffee


Almond Raisin Muffin

৳  150/pc

Banana Choco Chip Muffin

৳  175/pc
chicken-bun-and-cream-custard Bun

Chicken Bun

Chicken Bun

৳  60/pc

Cream Custard Bun

Cream Custard Bun

৳  50/pc

Chicken Puff Pastry

A cup sized pie filled with a rich and extravagant mixture of chicken, veggies
and cream.

৳  150/pc

Cinnamon Roll

This a sweet spiced roll originating in Northern Europe, specifically Sweden and
Denmark. It is a yeast leavened dough treated with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar with a
glazing of butter and raisin. Sometime jaggery/ cane sugar maybe used instead of sugar.

৳  250/pc

Pineapple Puff Pastry

The filling is done with a sweet sour creation using fresh pineapple.

৳  175/pc

Sesame Bagel

Bagels topped with black and white sesame seeds.

৳  100/pc

Ice Coffee


Plain Bagel

The basic bagel without any toppings although sea salt maybe incorporated.

৳  100/pc

Almond Croissant

Croissants topped and flavoured with roasted Almonds and icing bringing on a nutty sweet flavour.

৳  200/pc

Butter Croissant

Plain crusted croissant rich in flavour of butter

৳  145/pc

Chocolate Croissant

Crispy crusted croissant with rich chocolate filling.

৳  200/pc

Danish Peach Pastry

A variant of the croissant using the same layered dough but with Peach slices along with sweet cream custard topping.

৳  250/pc

Challah Bread

This is braided form bread originating from Eastern Europe and typically
common in Jewish cuisines.

৳  210/pc

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread

৳  210/pc

Focaccia Bread

Having its origins in Italy, locally known as “fugussa” is a flat oven baked bread
similar to the pizza dough. It is best used as sandwich bread having its moist olive flavour being an appetiser for any meal.

৳  180/pc

Bara Brith

This bread also known as “speckled bread” is a Welsh style of bread. This is a yeast
induced bread made with dried fruits, sometimes self-rising flour is also used to prepare this
treat. It is a tea time treat and is usually flavoured with spices, dried fruits and sometimes even tea.

৳  500/pc


Is a bread having its origin in France, and is similar to a highly enriched pastry with high
egg and butter content giving it, its creamy buttery taste in the tender crumb.

৳  450/pc

French Bread

Having its origins in rural France, also, maybe a variant referred to as the
BAGUETTE, is a long cylindrical loaf of bread made from basic lean dough, distinguished by its length and crisp crust.

৳  200/pc

Marble Whole wheat Bread

Also commonly known as Rye Bread, having
its origins in central and Western Europe, has been a staple form bread from the middle ages. It
is made with a combination of lour and multigrain/ rye flour and may vary in colour from dark to light as per the mixture.

৳  220/pc

Cold Coffee


Multi Grain Bread

Also commonly known as Rye Bread, having
its origins in central and Western Europe, has been a staple form bread from the middle ages. It
is made with a combination of lour and multigrain/ rye flour and may vary in colour from dark to light as per the mixture.

৳  250/pc


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